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Tandem Hang Gliding

Have you ever wondered what it's like to fly like a bird? Tandem Hang Gliding is prefect for those who would like to try Hang gliding for the first time.
No experience is necessary!
This exciting introduction to hang gliding allows you to fly with a certified instructor and experience first hand the joy of hang gliding. After a brief introduction to the basics of hang gliding, you'll be flying quiet and free over Queenstown.

Tandem Hang Gliding Flight

We will take you 3800ft up Coronet Peak, which offers spectacular views of some of the worlds most breath taking scenery.
Extreme Air is the only company which can offer you the option of Hang-gliding or Paragliding. Depending on what sort of thrill seeker you are and the weather conditions at the time, we can cater the flight to your needs.
On takeoff, after a few steps we launch the glider for your unforgettable free flight experience. Your pilot will ensure a safe transition back to earth.
Allow 1-1/2 hours
Tandem Hang gliding Price: $NZ 195-
Early bird special Price: $NZ 185-
Gift vouchers / certificates are available upon request. Please contact us for more details.
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Winter Tandem Hang Gliding Flight from the Top of Coronet Peak 5400 feet (Winter only)

Experience beautiful Queenstown with a bird's eye view, from the top of Coronet Peak ski field. You will ride the ski lift to 5400 ft. This is the highest takeoff in Queenstown by miles. We tailor the flight to your needs, scenic sensation or adrenaline pumping joy ride, no experience necessary.
Allow 2 hours
5400ft Tandem Hang gliding
Price: $NZ 235-
Early bird special Price: $NZ 215-
Gift vouchers / certificates are available upon request. Please contact us for more details.
Tandem flights are an educational and highly enjoyable introduction into hang gliding. An NZHGPA certified tandem pilot controls the glider while the passenger rides in a separate harness beside the pilot. All pilots who fly tandem flights for Extreme Air are NZHGPA certified tandem instructors.
It is an excellent way to be introduced to the sport or to enjoy the sport without the stress of having to fly the glider yourself. Many people take tandem ride after tandem ride because they enjoy the sense of freedom and pleasure it brings them! Tandem flights are available year-round, weather permitting.
They range in cost from $NZ 165- to $NZ 235-, depending where and when the flight is flown.
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Gift Vouchers / Certificates

Gift vouchers / certificates are available upon request for all the tandem paragliding and hang gliding flights. Please contact us for more details.
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