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Paragliding & Hang Gliding Tours


New Zealand Paragliding Tours

Tours are organized from November to April, when flying conditions are at their best. We will pick you up at the Queenstown International Airport. Queenstown will be our base for the 14-day tour. We will spend most of our time thermaling and soaring in the Queenstown area, over the southern lakes. The views over Wakatipu basin are overwhelming. Paragliding & Hang Gliding Tours, Queenstown, New Zealand
The beautiful alpine resort of Queenstown and its surrounding mountains have tremendous potential for cross country flying. Enjoy a fun relaxed atmosphere with experienced instructors, who will take you to some of the most spectacular sites in New Zealand.
We have 15 of the best flying sites in the country, all within one hour of Queenstown. If the weather is bad, we can always fly somewhere, from Dunedin to Christchurch, or through Central Otago, within 2 to 3 hours drive from Queenstown. We will go where the weather is good for flying. If you can't fly on one of the days, we guarantee you that we will arrange something every day that you will remember for the rest of your life.
Pilots of all levels can enjoy this tour, We have experienced instructors who will be looking after you and picking the best sites for the day. Our tour guides are all instructors, with years of experience at all of the sites.
This tour is not just for pilots, if you have a friend or partner who does not fly, don't worry, we can fly them tandem for the tour. With one of our friendly tandem pilots it is the same price and no experience is necessary. If you don't want to fly every day, we can arrange other activities. Queenstown is rightly known as the Adventure Capital of the world. Check out www.itag.co.nz.
Each tour is limited to 14 pilots. Reserve your spot on the tour while spaces are available. Special tours for smaller groups can be arranged at any time. Paragliding & Hang Gliding Tours, Queenstown, New Zealand
Paragliding Tours Price $NZ 4000-
If you don't want to bring your own paraglider we have gear for hire, or we have gear for sale and we can have a brand new paraglider or harness waiting for you when you arrive.
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New Zealand Hang Gliding Tours

We will customise similar tours for hang gliders with a wider choice of sites. Minimum two, maximum six pilots. Arrive and depart from Christchurch airport. Some hire gliders are available.
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Tour Schedule

- Day 1 (Queenstown)
Everyone will arrive at Queenstown International Airport. One of our friendly team will welcome you to Queenstown, New Zealand. We will then take a short drive to check in at our accommodation, then fill out the paper work for the (NZHGPA) visitor license. Then we will go in to Queenstown to dine, relax and get to know the team. Paragliding & Hang Gliding Tours, Queenstown, New Zealand
- Day 2-4 (Queenstown)
Sites (Sky Line Gondola 2800ft, Coronet Peak 5400ft, Terraces 2000ft)
We will fly at Coronet Peak, which has very reliable weather, to sharpen up thermaling skills and get used to mountain flying. You will enjoy spectacular views of the Wakatipu basin.
- Day 5 (Wanaka)
Sites (Treble Cone 7000ft)
We will fly from the Treble Cone ski field, which is very good for X-C flying in unrestricted airspace.
- Day 6 (Gibston Valley)
Sites (Mount Rosa 4300ft, Terraces 2000ft)
We will head up Mount Rosa to fly XC and when you land there are some lovely wineries to visit. An evening flight at the Terraces will finish the day.
- Day 7 (Cromwell) Paragliding & Hang Gliding Tours, Queenstown, New Zealand
Sites (Leaning Rock 5400ft)
Let's go cross- country.
- Day 8-9 (Queenstown)
Sites (Remarkables 7600ft, Sky line 2800ft)
Head up in the Gondola to Skyline for a flight in the morning, then to the Remarkables to go cross-country.
- Day 10 (Alexandra)
Sites (Old Man Range 5400ft, Terraces 2000ft)
Cross- country time and then some flying at the end of the day at the Terraces)
- Day 11 (The top of Queenstown)
Sites (Bowen Peak 5400ft)
We will take the gondola up to Skyline, then walk for two hours to the top of Bowen Peak. Land in town for lunch, or head cross-country. If you do not like walking, you can hang out up at skyline and fly from there, or you can helicopter to the top.
- Day 12
Take your pick from the sites we have already been to. Wherever you want to fly, we will take you there. Paragliding & Hang Gliding Tours, Queenstown, New Zealand
- Day 13 (Queenstown)
Sites (Skyline 2800 ft, Coronet Peak 5400ft)
We will fly Skyline in the morning then head up to Coronet Peak.
We will have a Party at Flight Park at the end of the day to relax and take in what you have dune over the last two weeks.
- Day 14
All good things must come to a end. Say goodbye to the crew and all the new friends you have made. We will drop you off at the Queenstown Airport for your safe trip home.
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To reserve a place, we requires a 20% deposit. A Bank transfer is the easiest way to move funds. After you have booked, we will send you out a full itinerary, travel details, equipment list, license requirements and information about Queenstown and New Zealand. Paragliding & Hang Gliding Tours, Queenstown, New Zealand
Paragliding Tours Price NZ $ 4000-
Price Includes:
  • Accommodation
  • All Breakfasts (continental)
  • All Lunches ( home made)
  • Dinners (unless dining out)
  • NZHGPA visitor license including third party insurance
  • Take off and landing fees
  • Bus transfers from and to Queenstown Airport
  • Evening transport to anywhere in Queenstown
  • Something extra for you if the weather is bad
  • We can take you to Milford Sound to see one of the wonders of the world
  • Go to Puzzle World in Wanaka
  • Wine tours
    Not included:
  • Airline tickets
  • Paraglider and equipment
  • Helicopter lifts
  • Insurance (travel, emergency, medical etc)
  • Accommodation upgrading (single room, higher standard)
  • Beer, wine, drinks
  • Dining out
    Contact us for more details.
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    Tour Dates

    If you have a group we can tailor the trip for you at any date and for any number of days. Group discounts are a available.
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